About Us

Our Business

Colmore Capital is an owner-managed real estate investor based on Colmore Row in the centre of Birmingham. Established in 2016, we combine deep knowledge and experience of the regional real estate markets with a rigorous analytical approach to deliver superior returns for our equity partners.

We invest our own funds alongside joint venture partners to acquire real estate across all asset classes, adding value through active asset management, redevelopment and change of use. We seek to work with new and established partners who share our ambitions to deliver best-in-class assets and align with our focus on sustainability.

Our Philosophy

We are firmly of the belief that detailed cash flow modelling, sensitivity analysis and the assessment of market data are imperative in the modern investment world, but we are equally aware that occupiers are the lifeblood of any real estate asset.

A key element of our approach is the recognition that these occupiers are our customers, thereby necessitating the provision of high standards of service and the delivery of considered asset improvements that offer a demonstrable benefit to those operating from our properties.

Whilst being mindful of the crowd, we are comfortable to make contrarian investments after generating a deep understanding of the asset and business plan risks.

Opportunity Identification

Through our broad sourcing network, and via our own research, we identify potential investment opportunities across the UK.

Due Diligence and Business Planning

We combine rigorous analysis and market research with our experience within the regional markets to evaluate each opportunity.

Investor Presentation

We present a comprehensive business plan and indicative timeline to our selected equity partner, helping them understand our vision and evaluation of the risks.


We manage the transaction process and seek to co-invest in each opportunity alongside our equity partners.

Business Plan Execution

We take an extremely active role in the management of our portfolio assets and seek to deliver a truly best-in-class experience for our present and future customers.


Upon execution of the business plan, we manage the sale process and maximise returns for our investors.

Our Values



Stewardship of our customers, society, and the environment



Act transparently and ethically



Think laterally to find solutions, not problems

Risk Management

Comprehend, price, and mitigate


Disciplined analysis and interrogation of data



Continually adapting to a dynamic and rapidly changing market